The best dating sites of 2020

Compare easily the best and most popular dating sites in New Zealand! Whether you crave a quick chat or a serious relationship, you will find exactly what you're looking for in the list below. All ratings and reviews are based on real experiences of our members.

All dating sites below offer a 100% FREE registration! Don't be afraid to try out more than one in order to find what fits your needs, without spending a penny!

How do we rank dating sites

The team of Best10Rated Dating Sites did its research and tried to collect all the ingredients of a successful user experience on any of these dating sites in order to rank them accordingly. Specifically, we take into account:

  • The integrity of the profiles
  • The total number of members
  • How active are the registered members
  • Privacy and security
  • Gender balance among users

Why is online dating the future?

The staggering rise of social media and the tendency of people to do as many things as possible from the comfort of their laptop or mobile phone are the two things that define more than anything our modern life. Dating would naturally follow this trend. Before we realized it, we started talking about a new term: online dating.

Dating sites started popping up all over the world and they are definitely here to stay for the long run. Their purpose? To make the whole process of dates and getting to know someone much easier to a wider audience and also a lot easier than the past. People nowadays live at such a fast pace that they neither have the time nor are in the mood to go out every day and expand their social circle. But the need for a loving partner is always a constant and has to be taken care of. That’s exactly where dating sites come to the rescue.

The reason why online dating actually works is because it manages to overcome all the problems that we mentioned above and makes things so much easier for everyone involved. You just register, create a profile and you’re ready! You now can search for profiles based on your taste and needs, start a chat with someone that you like or even let the site do everything for you, simply matching your profile with other that seem interesting. It’s as easy as it sounds!

So because we understand how difficult it can be for anyone to choose a dating site among the dozens that are out there, we are here to help you. We try every single popular dating site and we share are comments and experiences as objectively as possible. Just have a look and instantly find what suits you best!

What are the different types of dating sites?

Before starting to look for the best dating site, keep in mind that not every site is suitable for you. On the contrary, there are some major type of dating sites that will help you cross some of them out of your list:

    • Mainstream Dating Sites: These are the typical dating sites that try to bring 2 singles together. The majority of dating sites fall into that category so that’s why the most popular of them have an enormous amount of members.
    • Casual Dating Sites: These are the best for you if you look for a casual meeting and a no-strings-attached date. The users in a casual dating site know exactly what they want and cut straight to the business.
    • Mature Dating Sites: These sites aim for a more mature audience that is looking for company. Don’t think that they are old-fashioned though, as most of them are considered really open-minded.
    • Senior Dating Sites: These should be used by older people, generally above 50 years old that are still looking for a major loving adventure.

Useful Online Dating Tips

However fun all the dating sites sound, inexperienced users tend to make some common mistakes when they first use them and eventually end up having a really bad experience. Below you will find some tips from some dating experts that you absolutely need to have in mind if you want the full ‘Online Dating’ package!

Try more than one site

If you tried the highest-rated, most popular dating site but you got bored really quickly, it doesn’t mean that online dating in general isn’t worth it. It’s entirely reasonable that a dating site is not working according to your needs and desires or you haven’t still identified your target audience.

That’s basically the reason that we have chosen to only include dating sites with 100% free registration in our lists. Try out many different sites and see for yourself which one is the best for you!

Look after your profile

No one would start chatting with someone that has a bad-looking profile on a dating site. No pictures, no personal info, nothing. Think of it this way. Would YOU want to start a chat with someone that has a profile like yours? If the answer is no, you definitely need to spend some time working on your profile. Write some important things about you and upload at least 2 photographs. This will also make it easier for the dating site’s algorithm to match you with as many potential partners as possible.

Make sure that the person you are chatting has more than 1 profile picture

The same rules that apply to your profile, apply for all the other people in a dating site. 2 photographs are the minimum to be sure that a profile isn’t fake. If you see a profile with only one photograph, you can start being more suspicious and don’t be afraid to ask for more info. If you are certain that a profile is fake, please report it to the platform that you’re using so that they take action.

Think of your first line

The first impression is really important, even when we’re talking about online dating. So make sure that the first message that you send is as balanced as possible. You need something that will be interesting but also not extremely aggressive. Something not too serious, but also not a joke. And for god’s sake, don’t fall into the trap of copy pasting any messages that you’ ll find online! A good place to start is something that you saw on the other person’s profile. This will attract the interest of your partner as it will indicate that you’ve taken the time to read their profile.

Stop being afraid of your data security

Trust us, all the dating sites completely understand how important it is to feel protected as far as your data are concerned. That’s why they make everything possible to keep their safety and security at a really high level. The vast majority of them use all the essential protocols of data protection, while also having staff that verifies the integrity of every profile online and who will never ask you for any unnecessary personal info.

On the other hand, the burden is on your shoulders to not give important personal info on strangers that you’ve met online. You get to decide how much you want to share with any other person on the dating site. What you absolutely need to know is that whatever problem you may face, the customer service of each site will be available to help you and handle every request with the utmost discretion.

The common mistakes you need to avoid in a dating site

This might sound a bit too much, but the truth is that many people make some childish mistakes when they start building their profile or chat with other users in a dating site. Maybe this happens because of inexperience or simply because some people don’t really get how these pages work. Let’s see the most common mistakes in a dating site that you definitely need to avoid:

  • Bad-quality profile pic: You don’t need to look like a model, but it’s a shame to upload a picture that’s not very flattering or is of really bad quality. Your profile picture is the first thing everyone sees when checking your profile. Try to bring out your most attractive qualities and don’t even think of using a fake one or just outright not uploading anything. How would you feel if you saw a profile with a fake picture?
  • Really aggressive messages: An extremely common mistake among men in dating sites is to start a chat by almost instantly talking about sex. We obviously understand that when we hang out on a dating site, we ALL have sex in the back of our minds. But even then, it’s a really good idea to start a chat with an exploratory and harmless message. Online dating needs some time too, like normal dating. You should think a bit about how you would approach someone at a bar, before typing the next aggressive message in a dating site.
  • You don’t need to be THAT funny: Humor is a nice thing to have (some consider it sexy) and everybody feels it’s kinda attractive. Ending up looking like a clown though isn’t gonna help your chances. Give your partner the chance to ask questions about you and don’t be afraid to ask too! That’s the best way for you to get to know each other.

The most common myths about dating sites

While dating sites are online for a few years already, some myths regarding them seemingly run forever. Most of them are really popular because they were partly real at some point in the past. But now things have changed. The Internet is constantly evolving at a rapid pace and dating sites are doing the same.

For starters, let’s establish that dating sites aren’t used solely by some weirdos. Almost 1 out of 4 relationships formed during this decade will probably start online! Real, ordinary people are the norm in dating sites, either looking for a serious relationship or something a bit more casual. The weird guys that you’ ll meet on dating sites are the minority, just like the real world! And if there are many ordinary people online, let’s debunk one more myth about dating sites: It’s not THAT hard to find a meaningful relationship here!

Another completely wrong thing to believe about dating sites is that they don’t have that many users. I can’t even tell you how terribly wrong you are if you believe something like this. Worldwide, online dating is a billion dollar sector that occupies thousands of employees. In most countries there are thousands of people online each moment, flirting and chatting in a dating site.

Why do most dating sites have subscriptions?

We just mentioned that dating sites are a business for some people. Therefore, they need to make some money out of them. Most dating sites demand a monthly subscription from their users in order to unlock all the features and be able to chat with every other profile on their network. That works wonder against fake profiles though, which are a very common problem in 100% free apps like Tinder!

The good thing is that every site on our lists offers a completely free registration and you can practically see for yourself if it’s worth your time and money, without even spending a penny. This way you can be sure when you eventually pay for one subscription, that it’s about a dating site that’s actually interesting. The best way to find out is to register in as many of them as possible in order to find exactly what you’re looking for and in the end choose the one that is really worth it!